• Dave B. Britton

Passwords. Do they really make a difference?

According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of hacking attacks are password related breaches.

The report revealed that "phishing" is the most likely way for hackers to gain access to a network. It is critical to use different passwords for work and personal sites. Once your personal data has been compromised, hackers will engage in social engineering to gain important information, such as place of work and others who work with you. As a result, they also become a target.

Administrators, C-Suite executives and managers must keep passwords separate and frequently refreshed. These executives have the most access to a network and if they have admin privileges, the network can be quickly encrypted with ransomware or other malware.

There are several easy steps for following cyber hygiene:

1)Enable multi-fator authentification

2)Ensure your passwords are strong and use letters, numbers and characters

3)Change your passwords at least every 30 days

4)If your account gets breached, change all passwords immediately

5)Have separate passwords for personal and work use.

Should you or your team have questions regarding best practices, please do not hesitate to call our team for a security analysis today. 334-669-4530

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